Affiliate Program

Axis will discuss a variety of products/services on the website and blog, and when possible, will use affiliate links. If you follow an affiliate link and go on to purchase that product or service, Axis may receive a small commission. The commission is paid by the third parties, not by you. Your cost will be the same (and quite possibly less if Axis is highlighting a promotion). 

As always, we appreciate it when people use the links found on this site to make purchases, it helps us out and is a great way to say thanks!

When you make a purchase through an affiliated link, it goes towards running Axis Pole Fitness. Axis' goal is to help people from experience, so Axis won’t recommend a product unless:

  1. The product has been used personally (which will be the case the vast majority of the time).
  2. The product has been thoroughly researched with first hand user feedback from other successful and trusted athletes that have used the product/service.

If you find the information on to be useful, it would be highly appreciated if you show your support by using the affiliate links on the site rather than going directly to the source. Thanks in advance!

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